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Deleting EBS Snapshots with aws-sdk

Removing a lot of EBS snapshots by hand with AWS’s web console is not really funny, isn’t it? Scripting it with fog is easy, but this time I decided to try the aws-sdk gem.

aws-sdk is AWS’s official SDK for Ruby. It’s definitely a late addition and I didn’t pay to much attention to it when it was announced some months ago, but being an official AWS’s product, maybe it’s in a better position to follow the evolution of the many AWS’s web services. Anyway, after quickly scouring the online API docs and setting the right environment variables with AWS credentials, I wrote a bunch of lines in IRB and, voilà!, the unneeded snapshots were removed.

Here’s an edited version of that bunch of lines:

Simple, short, and above all else labor-saving.

I still like fog and I think it’s a great library, but, maybe, aws-sdk is not so bad after all and it deserves more study.