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Stripping Exif Tags

I’ve recently started to use nanoc more often; I still like Jekyll, but it’s better to have more options in one’s toolbox and I’ll probably try other generator in the not so distant future.

Just today’s has been released version 3.2, which allows you to create custom commands! Super! Anyway, for the kind of “transformation” I needed, the well-known filter mechanism was the essential ingredient and was already available about a month ago, when I needed it :-)

I had an image gallery and wanted to remove every Exif tag from every photo. It’s a menial task when you have the right tool, i.e. the wonderful ExifTool, but first of all I didn’t want to do it manually and then I wanted to keep the original files untouched.

So, here’s what I came up with:

It’s a really, really simple filter… I’d dare to say it’s rather stupid :-) and its use is a no-brainer.