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Signed S3 Urls With Fog

Yesterday afternoon I had to share some rather big files with a client, so I decided to put them in a S3 bucket and let him download them at his pleasure. Nothing too special, but I could not let the whole world to see these files nor I could force any form of explict authentication upon this client, so I was left with the signed URLs.

While waiting for the last couple of uploads to finish, I thought “Why not scripting the remaining boring part?”, so fired up fog’s cli and wrote something like following lines (amended to hide the real names and fit the page):

Operations could have been chained a little bit more, but I prefer to build things piece by piece. I used ActiveSupport because I’m too lazy to do the time math by myself; the last #map is “necessary evil” for European buckets (at least with fog 0.4.1, available yesterday afternoon).

Update 2011-02-03: setting the right region in the ~/.fog file (say eu-west-1) has a couple of nice effects: first you avoid a redirection when connecting to S3 and then the signed URLs change from… to… and this makes the last map {} unnecessary.